This is a virtual space we hold together.

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First Friday’s 9-10am Eastern

Our koffeeklatsche is on! We’ll be saying hi, checking in, sharing our work and telling a few stories. What’s new in your studio? What are you imagining? How are you cultivating your creative practice?


On semi-permanent hiatus.

Tuesdays at 1pm Eastern

Join Annie’s zoom room to hone your rendering skills! Artists draw each other and take turns posing for 5-20 minutes and we have quite a sweet community. Sometimes we’re chatty and we’re always supportive as we create together from our home studios/kitchen tables.

Welcome to Annie’s Zoom Room!
An anniversary portrait of Paula Ressler & Becca Chase with renditions from Sue Riddle, KERIN & Anne Hopkins.

We cultivate a learning space when we’re together, sharing that screen. This group supports each other in our creative journeys. We have become one another’s muses and friends along the way.

-Anne Hopkins about Portrait Drawing.
Our sweet crew getting a virtual tour of Christy Holton’s Show at Duke University.
Sue Riddle holds a startled image of Anne drinking coffee during Portrait Drawing.