Hello dear ones. This is all the stuff I’m up to, or was up to, or hope to be up to. 💚 Enjoy.

A performance that has yet to define itself is starting with a drawing:

It is a set. It’s us in a dream. It is larger than life and it tells a story through imagery and movement. It speaks from the heart. It is moved by humans as it is moving to humans. I don’t know what or when however I can’t seem to put it away and I’d love to find a crew to join the concept.

Our Traveling Rainbow is the best:

Oh this project is so near and dear to my heart! I get to be queer, an artist, a parent AND an advocate all in one fell swoop. Which I just adore. I’m the lead organizer for this truly fabulous project and I can’t really get into every detail, however this website (which I also manage) tells the whole story of our beautiful expansive rainbow!

Crafting for 4 days in the wilds of Maine in a state of the art facility:

In August of 2021 my creative, multigenerational family came together to pilot a new program at Cobscook Institute. It was uplifting and tiring and we learned the most. Creative people being fed nutritiously as they make. Artists learning new media. Friends and family being together. Music and celebration at night. Crafting in Community and making it work for families in the area was the goal and we’re excited for 2022.

Making in Place while being in virtual space:

An 8 week creative community experience with folx zooming in from their homes/studios to connect around creative practice. A space for sharing, questioning, thinking and responding. Joyously presented in collaboration with The Cobscook Institute in 2021 and with the green light for funding from The Maine Arts Commission to make Winter 2022 a reality!

LGBTQ+ Support Group on First Sundays in Whiting:

On first Sundays members of the LGBTQ2S+ community are invited to join this IRL (masked) support group. This group will meet monthly with the blessings, training and mindfulness of MaineTransNet. We’ll start at 2pm and all ages are welcome. Learn more!

Virtual Pandemic Community “Drawathons”:

A creative crew of artists, performers and musicians came together via zoom monthly for many a Saturday throughout the pandemic. It was a lovely place to create from home at an art party full of connections.

Friday Morning “In The Studios” kept the coffee beat thrumming:

With gratitude we tuned in every Friday morning for our coffee and art. We were diving deep into each other’s studios and got to visit with so many dear artist friends. A space of reflection, admiration and question asking. A highlight of 2020-21 and already missed.

Life Drawing at The EAC:

In 2019 Joyce Weber ceremoniously handed me the red life drawing binder. I began facilitating our weekly sessions and loved it so much. We were really in a roll, gaining artists, models and talent on Wednesday nights. The pandemic sort of put out that flame however let’s all stay tuned to see it reignited!