This Decade

How Come, acrylic, 2022
Your Answer, acrylic on canvas, 2022
Mountain Feels, acrylic on pine, 2022
Oh, Them…. acrylic on tin, 2022
Finding Cloud State, acrylic on pine, 2022
Goodbye Songbirds, acrylic, 2022
The Search is On, acrylic on pine, 2022
Authentic, acrylic on pine, 2022
Yes! acrylic on pine, 2022
Boring, acrylic on pine, 2022
Tulips, acrylic on pine, 2022
Their Muse, acrylic on pine, 2022
Frolic at Dawn, acrylic, 2019-22
Latte mug, 2021/22
A Reminder To Lead With Your Heart Hoodies, printed by Little Chair Printing, 2021
Oh Bass Thanx, micron, 2021
Rafi Eric, micron, 2021
Waiting on The Day, micron, 2021
Grapefruit Series, stoneware with alabaster glaze, private collection, 2021
Gratitude Tidings, micron, 2021
Reach, micron, 2021
When Did You Know? Micron, private collection, 2021
Seeing & Saying, pencil, 2021
Strawbale Construction, water soluble crayon, 2021
Strawbale Truth, water soluble crayon, 2021
Adam, watercolor, private collection, 2021
Dylan, watercolor, 2021
20 seconds, watercolor, 2021
Heart Toll, ink, 2021
Hidden, acrylic on pine, 2021
Testimony, acrylic on board, 2021
Feelings, acrylic on board, 2021
Overworked & Feeling Great, acrylic on panel, 2021
Disassociation, acrylic on panel, 2021
Jewelry Mannequin, mixed media, 2021 – Necklace by David Oja
Person, crayon on yupo, 2021
The Big Yes, acrylic on panel, 2020
Dude, acrylic, private collection, 2020
Okay, acrylic on plywood, 2019-20
Black Lives Matter, acrylic on panel, 2020
Tipsy, acrylic on canvas, 2020
Road Sign, acrylic on panel, 2020
Triptych, acrylic on board, 2020
Trans Rage, acrylic, 2020
In Queer Love with U, acrylic, 2020
Untitled, mixed media, 2020, private collection
Hey, mixed media on pine, 2020, private collection
Oh Bass, acrylic, 2020
Thanks, acrylic, 2020
Window, acrylic, 2020
End/Begin, mixed media, 2020
Seashore, mixed media, 2020, private collection
Duuuuude, micron, 2020
Ramona, ink, 2020
Joan, acrylic, 2020
Balancing, mixed media, 2020, private collection